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Coaching Services: An Overview of Clairvoyant Coaching

There are generally many types of coaching. Some of those include life coaching, wellness coaching, business coaching and executive coaching among others. Like a basketball or other sports coach, there prime directive is to bring their client to achieve maximum potential. Like with all things, not all coaches are created equal. Several components that make a coach good is their training and perhaps more so, the tools or tool sets they use with their clients.

With clairvoyant coaching a component of that is the use of intuition in the coaching tool bag. We all have intuitive abilities, but when one’s abilities are sharpened with training and experience, it becomes a powerful tool set. Combining intuition with other toolsets including handwriting analysis, astrology using the nodes of the moon, energy medicine, NLP, guided imagery, psychology, hypnotherapy, yoga, Reiki and shamanic training, the possibilities of a solution are not only greatly increased – but imminent.

The general approach is to use diagnostic tools like handwriting analysis and astrology to get an in depth idea of who you are. Handwriting analysis helps create a psychological profile and astrology details your energetic propensity to be a certain way. While neither becomes an end all, they become pieces of the big picture that is necessary to come to a solution and achieve goals that have been initially discussed. I also can use the wellness inventory, on line wellness assessment tool that also paints a big picture that gives you a wellness score and awareness around the twelve dimensions of wellness. In addition to assessing wellness, it also gives a second score around satisfaction or more so – where you are dissatisfied in your life.

After that, some of the coaching takes places in addition to tools like psychology and NLP that bring a greater degree of awareness for both client and coach. Once aware, we are half way to a solution. It is important to note the use of intuition or clairvoyance in this process. Intuition brings not only a richer, but more detailed understanding of not only the situation, but the mental blocks that are in the way.

The solution and attainment of goals comes from the use of coaching techniques and tools that direct you to behavior that “serves you” vs. old and/or bad habits that “no longer server you”. Some of the tools that assist this process may include guided imagery, hypnosis, energy medicine and/or yoga. It is otherwise a fun and interesting process, that can brings about many “ah-haas” and give you a real heads up on achieving the lifestyle you want.

Typically a lot of work can is done in a single 90 minute session. Once an initial 90 minute session has been done, additional sessions can be in increments of 30 minutes or more depending on your needs. Some people like or need just a single session while others prefer ongoing work on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as that brings continual mentoring as part of the process.

Additional Services

Spiritual Mentoring 26 + years of experience in teaching, coaching and counseling to assist you in better defining your path and life goals. Includes help with new tools, methods and guidance to move you along your life path smoothly.

Handwriting Analysis and Grapho-Therapy Handwriting Analysis has been around almost since people started writing. It is extremely accurate and assists you in understanding and changing your psychological profile makeup. Grapho-therapy is therapy based around changing your handwriting/signature to promote desired change in your life.

Spiritual Astrology With a lifetime of astrological study and training, Mark uses the North and South Nodes of the Moon to assist you in finding more self-awareness, actualizing your potential, karmic fulfillment and spiritual path.

Hypnotherapy/NLP Many unwanted patterns in our mindset are buried deep into our psyche from years of re-enforcement. The combination of NLP and Hypnosis becomes an ideal tool in the removal of unwanted habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Yoga Private training for individuals & couples. As a certified yoga teacher of 16+ years, Mark's ongoing study of yoga, breath work, mediation and energy movement (Qigong) will bring you to new heights of physical awareness, flexibility and stamina.

Dream Work & Analysis Dreams have always played an important part of history, legend lore and the deeper and/or darker side of life. You may be surprised to find out at what your dreams are really telling you. Let me assist you in understanding and working with them to provide some meaning hence additional value to you.

Primal Energy Balancing & Heavy Energy Release Using energy based medicine including Reiki and shamanic techniques, this will assist you in unifying your energetic field and primal sexual energy. Also may use hypnotic and imagery based tools to let go of mental blocks, unconscious patterns and unwanted habits.

Relationship Coaching Work with individuals and couples to help understand their relationship needs, wants, compatibilities to get the most out of their relationship. Tools may include (and not limited to) compatibility astrology, coaching, energy based techniques, tantric breathing & yoga, handwriting analysis, intimacy training and communication techniques.

Yogic/Tantric Breathing Breath work includes various tantric and yogic breathing techniques to bring more vitality, stamina, calmness and wellness into your daily life.

Meditation Meditation is an old art form with various techniques to teach and assist useful techniques to bring peace, harmony joy and fulfillment into your daily life.