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Mark Zyga

Mark Zyga: A short biography

Mark Zyga, Clairvoyant Coach, Astrology, Hnadwriting expert, wellness coach Mark's intuitive style of work/play combines the best of Eastern and Western Philosophy’s. He has years of training and study covering a wide variety of healing & problem solving modalities. He understands that it is important having learned many healing modalities, to take that further by using finely tuned problem solving skills. This allows him to get to the core of your need/wants/desires and address it in a way that works with your own value system.

Mark’s breath and width of his study and experience is extensive. He has studied handwriting, astrology, hypnotherapy and yoga starting around age 9. He later formalized and was certified in all those in the last 10 years. His early life was tragically interrupted by the untimely death of two brothers, which sent him into learning and seeking mode for many years starting at age 12. His strong understanding of the healing process from deep seated trauma, bad habits and unconscious behavior was formed through the adversity that he faced growing up and through. In addition to coaching, Mark is available for workshops, lectures and seminars as well.

In addition his has also studied or been certified in Reiki (Master), Shamanic studies (Peruvian Shamans), NLP, Nutritional Counseling (AUCM), psychology (Barron University), Guided Imagery (HMI) and wellness coaching (ICF sanctioned).

His background prior to 2000 includes 17 years working as an independent computer systems consultant, designing and building large scale computer systems for Fortune 100 companies. Mark has also taught at Purdue University, NYU and Parsons School of Design in New York City as well as teaching accreditations in Yoga and Sailing. He continues to work in technology as he blends healing with technology as a principal in and among others. He has a private practice in Sedona as well as lecturing and teaching seminars around the country.